Andrea Correll formed Blackstone Farm L.L.C, a hunter/jumper training farm located at Portola Farms in Woodside, CA, in 2000 to serve the needs of a group of highly motivated hunter / jumper riders who wanted a more private, family oriented riding experience. Andrea and her clients felt that the ideal training environment should combine a sense of fun, hard work, and good sportsmanship with accomplishment, an atmosphere that prevails at Blackstone Farm to this day.

Andrea’s own successful show career on the West Coast, as an amateur hunter, jumper and equitation rider helped shape her training philosophy: she describes her training approach as low key: “It is not a high pressure, stressful environment. I know that horses do not do well under those circumstances and feel the same is true for riders.” At the same time she recognizes that the key to success in the show ring is for her horses and riders to be well prepared. The horses in her barn are given the care, training and experience necessary to walk confidently into the show ring. Her riders participate in exercises at home and clinics that simulate situations they will encounter in the show ring.

Andrea attributes her success not only to the hard work and dedication of her staff and clients, but also to the teaming of horses that properly suit their riders. Andrea has been able to select most of the horses in her program for her clients and in the years since its inception, the Blackstone Farm group has evolved into a collection of exceptional horses and riders who excel in their selected disciplines.

“I take great pride in the horses I have chosen and the riders they have been paired with because many of these teams have been developed over time and have gone on to do great things in the pony divisions, junior hunters, jumpers and equitation. We have horses who have consistently qualified for junior hunter finals, medal finals and Spruce Meadows Prix de Nations teams. Check out the ‘Gallery’ page and I am sure you will recognize many of our winning horse and rider combinations. Our riders have been successful all the way from the short stirrup divisions on up to the open jumper divisions.”